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Terms and Conditions

You should read the following terms and conditions (the "Terms") and our privacy policy: before making a purchase from this website.

We may vary these Terms from time to time at our sole discretion and it's your responsibility to check this page for updates. The latest version of the Terms on this site will be the Terms currently enforced. For terms and conditions relating to your use of this site, please see:

Reference to "you" or "your" is to a user of this site and references to "we", "us" or "our" is to Bauer Radio Limited (company no. 01394141) and/or Bauer Consumer Media Limited (company no. 01176085) both companies are registered in England and Wales with registered offices at: 1 Lincoln Court, Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 2RF.

1. The site

Our site provides a platform offering various deals for you to purchase and which may then be redeemed when purchasing goods/services such as: holidays, restaurant meals, hotel accommodation, beauty treatments and other items ("Deals"). By purchasing Deals on this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

2. Your Promises

Your actions in accepting the purchase of a Deal, also indicates your confirmation that:

  • you are legally capable of entering into a binding contractual agreement with us on these Terms;
  • you are a private individual, not a business;
  • you are at least 18 years old;
  • you are resident in the United Kingdom and you are accessing the site from the United Kingdom; and
  • you understand and agree to comply with these Terms.

We make no representation that Deals will be available for purchase or that you will be able to redeem a Deal, outside the United Kingdom.

3. Our Status

All Deals for sale on this site are provided by third party suppliers ("Partners") but we are authorised on behalf of those Partners to sell the Deals to you and to collect payment from you. When you purchase a Deal, you will enter into a contract with us. However, the responsibility for the quality of the goods and services you will redeem with your Deal is with the relevant Partner.

We have no responsibility to you with regard to the fitness for purpose or quality of goods or services which may be redeemed by Vouchers sold to you on this site. This responsibility rests with our Partners.

Your ability to redeem a Deal may be subject to additional terms and conditions stipulated by the relevant Partner. These additional terms will be detailed on the page on which you make your purchase (so you will be able to see them before you make your purchase) and will also be reproduced on the downloadable "Deal Voucher" we/the Partner will email to you when your purchase of the Deal is confirmed. These additional terms and conditions may include the time frame and conditions for redemption of the Deal. You confirm that you also agree to be bound by all additional terms and conditions, relating to the Deal you have purchased.

Your contract with us for the supply of the Deal will be formed when we send you a Deal Voucher (see below).

4. User Accounts and Account Information

To purchase Deals from this site you will need to set up an account with us. To do so you will need to provide certain information (name, a personal email address, billing address and delivery address) and set a password (your account details and password being your "Account Information"). You must provide truthful and accurate information and ensure that you keep your Account Information up to date.

You may not use another person's account without their express permission.

You are responsible for keeping your Account Information confidential and for all activities conducted through your account whether authorised by you or not. You must notify us immediately if you suspect that your account is being used / accessed without your permission.

We are not responsible for any losses which result from the disclosure or loss of your Account Information.

5. Termination / Variation

We reserve the right to terminate your account, immediately, if we have reason to believe:

  • you have registered, or attempted to register, an account with an email address belonging to another person (and we may ask you to re-enter / re-confirm your details for verification purposes);
  • you set up, or attempt to set up, multiple accounts;
  • you breach, or attempt to circumvent, these Terms. This includes (but is not limited to) circumstances where we believe that your use of the site is unsuitable or detrimental to the site's functionality or to other users, such as hacking, disrupting or ‘scraping' this site.

On termination, all rights granted to you under these Terms will automatically end; save for any continuing rights which you may have in connection with Deals which you have already purchased, in accordance with these Terms.

In addition to the above, we may withdraw, cancel, suspend or terminate the site and/ or the ability to purchase Deals from it, at our absolute discretion, at any time. If you have already purchased a Deal and received a Deal Voucher (see below) the transaction will be unaffected. Termination, suspension or cancellation of your access rights does not affect any other right or relief to which we may be entitled, at law or in equity.

6. Purchasing a Deal

If you wish to purchase a Deal from this site you must:

  1. Follow the onscreen instructions. If you are requested to register or login to the site, you must do so. Our registration process does not store your payment details but it will retain (as part of your Account Information) your delivery and billing address. To buy a Deal you must place it in your "shopping cart". To remove a Deal from your shopping cart, just click "remove" next to the relevant item in your cart.
  2. If registration is not needed to purchase a Deal, you will need to input your delivery and billing address.
  3. You will be presented with a summary of your intended purchase and you must check that the details in this summary are correct.
  4. You will then be asked to provide your payment details and information.
  5. When you've checked the summary of your order and are happy that all details are correct, you should click "Pay Now". When you've clicked this, it means that you've made an offer to us to purchase a Deal. Your offer will be accepted only once we/the Partner send you a confirmation of purchase by email, in printable electronic format (your "Deal Voucher"), which will include the specific terms and conditions (including any restrictions or limitations) relevant to the redemption of your Deal, together with a unique voucher code and a separate security code ("Voucher Number").

If we experience problems fulfilling an order we will notify you by email, giving you details of the problem and we may: (i) re-process the order, (ii) offer an alternative Deal, or, if necessary, (iii) reject your order. If we reject your order before providing you with Deal Voucher, you will not be charged. If we reject your order after payment has been taken, we will provide you with a refund.

We recommended that you save a copy of your Deal Voucher as neither we nor our Partners are responsible if you lose this and we are not obliged to provide you with a replacement.

7. Prices and Payment

The total price payable for all Deals available for purchase will be stated on the site in pounds sterling and includes VAT (unless otherwise stated). We do not add any hidden charges!

In the unlikely event that the displayed price of a Deal is incorrect and this is brought to our attention and, the actual price of the Deal is lower than our stated price, we will charge you the lower amount, if the actual price of the Deal is higher than the price stated on the site, we will contact you and you can either pay the actual price or cancel your order.

We may change Deal prices at any time and will display the new prices on the site. Changes will not affect orders for which you have already been sent a Confirmation.

We will accept payments made by credit or debit card, or through our third party payment providers (such as PayPal).

8. Delivery

All Deal Vouchers are provided in a downloadable electronic format.

Communications concerning your purchase will be by email. You will need a suitable computer (or other device), internet connectivity and bandwidth, and an email account in order to use the site and purchase Deals from it. The software, hardware and services involved in this and all related connection and data costs are your responsibility. We cannot communicate or provide Deal Vouchers by post or any other delivery means.

We recommend that you save a copy of your Deal Voucher and and other communications we send to you for your records and future use.

9. Redeeming Deals

Deals must be redeemed in accordance with the terms stated on the Deal Voucher.

Once you have received your Deal Voucher, Deals are redeemable for the relevant goods/services offered by the Partner subject to the terms detailed on each Deal Voucher. These terms will include the start date and end date for when the Deal may be redeemed (the "Redemption Period"). Sometimes, if you buy a Deal with a 24-hour Redemption Period after 1730, the 24-hour redemption period may start at midnight on that day rather than the precise time at which you buy the Deal. If you fail to redeem Deals within the stated Redemption Period, you will not be entitled to a refund.

You may need to print the Deal Voucher for redemption purposes. Some Partners may accept electronic copies of Deal Voucher and/or confirmation of the Voucher Number for redemption purposes. This is entirely at their discretion.

Redemption of Deals that is inconsistent with these Terms or any of the specific terms stated on the Deal Voucher is prohibited and likely to result in you being unable to redeem the Deal for the goods / services for which they are intended. The swapping, part-redemption, trading or handing back of Deal Vouchers for cash or other goods and/or services is only permitted where the terms and conditions of the Deal Voucher permit.

The actual goods/services for which you can redeem Deals are the responsibility of the Partner. Any defect in any goods or failure to perform the service is the responsibility of the Partner and you acknowledge that your rights of action and all available remedies and recourse will be against the Partner.

Subsequent to your purchase of a Deal, if a separate agreement is reached between you and the Partner under which you and the Partner agree to substitute any product/service to that which you are entitled according to your Deal Voucher, all our legal obligations to you under these Terms (to the extent that any exist) concern the original Deal and and not any substituted item that you have agreed with the Partner.

10. Cancellation and Refunds

In most circumstances, you have a legal right to cancel your purchase within fourteen (14) days. This starts from the date of your Deal Voucher, which is when your contract with us is formed. To cancel your purchase, please send an e-mail to: and send us a completed version of the form, available here and confirmation of your Voucher Number. You should keep a copy of your cancellation email and completed cancellation form for your own records. Your cancellation is effective from the date you send us the e-mail and completed form.

Please note that your right to cancel is lost if;

  1. You have already redeemed your Deal; or
  2. The Redemption Period is under 14 days and has already expired.

Following notification of cancellation, any sum relating to the cancelled purchase shall be credited to you within the fourteen (14) day cancellation period.

More advice about your legal right to cancel is available from your local Trading Standards office.

We have no responsibility (to refund you for the Deal price or otherwise) for the unsatisfactory quality of goods or services for which your Deal is redeemed. If you are unhappy with the quality of the goods / services for which you've redeemed your Deal, you should contact the relevant Partner directly.

If you are unhappy with the response that you receive from the Partner, please contact, ensuring that you quote your name, Voucher Number, and provide us with details of your complaint and the steps that you have taken to resolve this with the Partner. In these circumstances we will give you a refund only if:

  • despite attempting to redeem the Deal within the Redemption Period and otherwise complying with its stated terms and these Terms, the Partner refuses (or otherwise fails) to redeem the Deal; or
  • for Deals which purport to redeem physical goods, if you the item is damaged / defective / of a different quantity to that which is stated on your Deal Voucher / otherwise not what you have ordered (we may ask you to return a defective item and, in such cases, you are responsible for paying the reasonable costs of postage and delivery); or
  • for Deals which purport to redeem services, if you consider that the service was not as described in the Deal Voucher; and
  • you contact us no later than 30 days after the day you receive / are supposed to have received the product or service for which your Deal purports to redeem.

We will aim to resolve your concern within thirty (30) days but we may need to contact the Partner and we reserve the right to increase this timeframe if required.

11. Fraudulent Orders

Attempts to purchase a Deal with false or invalid information will be treated as fraud. We reserve the right to cancel any order immediately and without notice to you if:

  • when requested by us to do so, you fail to provide us within a reasonable time with sufficient information to enable us to determine the accuracy and validity of any information supplied by you;
  • if we feel that you are using information or payment details that does not belong to you; or
  • we suspect you have engaged, or are about to engage, or have in any way been involved, in fraudulent or illegal activity on this site.

We reserve the right to pass on any such information (together with the Account Information you've supplied) to the regulatory authorities.

12. Indemnity

You will indemnify and keep us fully and effectively indemnified from and against any damage, loss, liability or cost incurred by us resulting from:

  • any breach of these Terms by you;
  • any claims or legal proceedings brought or threatened against us by a third party as a result of your use of the site;
  • any use of your Account Information; or
  • your receipt and use of the goods/services provided through redemption of a Deal.

13. Liability

We try to ensure that all goods / services that may be redeemed through Deals are of good quality but we cannot promise or give any assurance that they will be. All warranties of this nature are disclaimed by us absolutely. This disclaimer does not affect your statutory rights against a Partner.

Our liability to you is limited to the purchase price of Deals. We are not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by you that are ancillary to or collateral upon your redemption of Deals or your receipt of the relevant goods/services.

We accept no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business, however caused, even if foreseeable.

Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit in any way our liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or any liability under s2(3) of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, or any other liability to the extent that it may not be excluded or limited as a matter of law.

14. Events Outside Our Control

We shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver, for any delay in delivery or for any defective Deals which is caused by any act or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, strikes and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire, explosion or accident, or any other force majeure type events.

15. Data Protection

Billing details will be kept for 3 years for taxation reasons and will then be destroyed.

From time to time, it may be necessary to provide your Account Information to our group companies that are members of the same group of companies as Bauer Consumer Media Limited and Bauer Radio Limited ("Group Companies") and also to Partners or to our service providers such as payment processing providers.

This is only so that (between us, our Group Companies and our Partners) we can process your purchase of a Deal more efficiently and ensure that your Deal is available for you to use as quickly as possible. From time to time, we collect shipping information from you so that we can pass this on to our Partners and they can send you any goods you have purchased, through redemption of your Deal.

Your email address may be also used by us or our Group Companies to send you details, by email, of other Deals or products and services which we think may be of interest to you. You will have been asked for your consent to the use of your email address for this purpose when you registered with us and you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions given in our privacy policy or in the emails that we send to you.

For more details on how we use your personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy:

16. Import Duty

If you purchase Deals from the Partners who are located outside the United Kingdom, the order may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied when the delivery reaches the specified destination. You will be responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict their amount but we will let you know before you purchase the Deal, if the Partner is based outside the United Kingdom. International deliveries may be subject to inspection and opening by customs authorities. Please contact your local customs office for further information.

17. Miscellaneous

  • You may not transfer or dispose of any of your rights or obligations under these Terms.
  • A person who is not a party to these Terms shall have no right to enforce any term of them.
  • If any of these Terms or any part of them is deemed unenforceable, the enforceability of all other terms and conditions shall not be affected.
  • A failure by us to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms shall not operate as a waiver of that right or remedy.
  • These Terms shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or matter arising in connection with them.
  • Nothing in these Terms is intended or will affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Last updated: 11th February 2016